पुणे जिल्ह्यातील लोणावळा डोंगररांगेतील हा किल्ला ट्रेकर्स च्या दृष्टीने मध्यम समजला जातो. पुण्याकडे जातांना लोणावळा सोडले की लोहगड-विसापूर ही जोडगोळी गिर्यारोहकांचे लक्ष वेधून घेत असते. मळवली रेल्वेस्थानकावर उतरल्यावर समोरच दिसतो तो म्हणजे लोहगड, मात्र डोंगरामागे लपलेला विसापूर किल्ला भाजे गावात गेल्यावरच नजरेस पडतो. पवनामावळात मोडणारा आणि लोणावळा (बोर) घाटाचे संरक्षण हा विसापूर किल्ला करतो. पूर्वीपासूनच दुर्लक्षित असलेला हा विसापूर किल्ला इतिहासात फार मोठे असे स्थान मिळवू शकला नाही.

Visapur Fort Monsoon Trek


• Dates : 29 July 2018 Sunday
• Per Person : 800rs.
• Trek Duration : 1 day
• Activity : Trekking
• Meeting Point: 5:30:am B Cabin Thane


• Pickup Points : B Cabin Thane (W) 5:30:am
• Transport by non A/C Private Vehicle


• Transportation from Thane to Thane
• Morning Breakfast & Tea
• Lunch

Things To Do Carry

• Identity Proof (Must)
• Bottle Of Water (At Least 2 Liters)
• Raincoat
• Some Ready To Eat Food. Plum Cakes, Biscuits And Fruits Etc.
• Electrol Powder / Glucon D (Compulsory)
• Personal Medicines If Any
• Camera (Optional)
• Cap, Goggle
• Extra Pair Of Clothes
• Light weight towel.
• A Good Trekking Shoes
• Girls Attire : Full-Length Trousers / Jeans Or Track Pants / T-Shirt


• In Mountains & Jungles, Smoking Attracts Honeybees and one has to face dangerous "Honeybee Attack" where survival of the person is difficult, hence smoking is strictly prohibited.
• Drinking Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
• Leader'S decision will be final and binding.
• Please do not Carry Handbags Or Jholas Or Sling Bags on treks.
• Please do not carry or wear any Valuables, Ornaments, Jewelry, etc. If carried, then we do not take any liability for the same.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

• If cancellation is done prior to 10 days of outing 75% will be refunded.
• If done prior to 5 days of outing 50% will be refunded.
• After that, no refund will be provided.